Safari Park Beekse Bergen

Have an adventurous safari experience on foot, by bus, boat or drive your own car. Spot cheetahs, tigers, elephants, rhinos and many more. Sleep in the luxury Safari Resort and wake up the next day with the sound of a roaring lion…


  • Car safari

    Discover the world of Beekse Bergen in your own car! Come face-to-face with lions, giraffes, sable antelopes and many more wild animals. Set your own pace and admire the expansive savannas and beautiful forested areas. It is possible to drive in up to half an hour before closing time of the park.

  • Boat safari

    Let yourself be amazed on the boat safari! Do not miss a thing at Safaripark Beekse Bergen and discover the park from the water. Step aboard either the Livingstone or the Stanley safari boat and admire the beauty of nature. Enjoy an unforgettable trip together!

  • Walking safari

    A walking safari surrounded by wild animals! Put on your hiking boots, explore the vast plains and meet the wild animals in their natural habitats. Discover the beauty of nature together and come face-to-face with lions, hyenas, elephants, penguins and many more species!

    6 kinderen staan te kijken naar een kudde olifanten
  • Bus safari

    A ranger will take you on a bus safari. During the bus safari, you will discover all sorts of fun and exciting facts about the wild animals in the Safaripark. You will even be allowed to touch and smell things, such as an animal’s hide or... poo! It’s the perfect all-in-one adventurous and educational safari!

  • Speelland

    At Speelland Beekse Bergen, children will experience a day of spectacular fun and exciting water shenanigans! While the children entertain themselves in the various attractions, you can sit back and enjoy the sandy beach. We’ve got enjoyment for the whole family!

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  • Family Fun

    Discover Family Fun in Brabant

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Must sees

  • Moti Restaurant in Safari Resort

    After a day of activities and adventure, enjoy delicious dishes at Restaurant Moto. 'Moto' means 'fire' in Swahili. Experience the sizzling sound of meat on the grill and get to know different types of dishes. We’ve got enjoyment for the whole family!

  • Beekse Bergen Meetings & Events

    At Beekse Bergen every event is unique and possibilities are endless. Big or small, indoor or outdoor; we make sure your business gathering, event of meeting will not be forgotten any time soon.

  • Restaurants & Take aways

    Wether you're staying at the Holidaypark, Safari Resort or just visiting the Safari Park or Speelland, Beekse Bergen offers Food and Beverages for all different tastebuds. 

  • On safari

    A visit to Beekse Bergen safari park is at the same time unique, educational and unforgettable. Can you spot the Big Five? The 4 different safari tours will make your visit extra unique!

  • Holiday Park and Safari Resort

    An unusual short stay in African style or choose the Safari Resort where you literally sleep between te wild animals.

  • Play Land

    Speelland Beekse Bergen offers children a wonderful day out full of fun in the water and adventure. And while the children are enjoying themselves, their parents can relax on the sandy beach: a great day out for the whole family.

  • Event Center

    For a group arrangement, business day or other event, please contact the Beekse Bergen Event Center. You can plan the day yourself and choose from an enormously wide range of activities and entertainment!

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