Museum Wings of Liberation

Operation Market Garden was one of the most important military events in the history of the Netherlands. More than 4,500 paratroopers dropped from the skies above Son in three quarters of an hour on Sunday afternoon, the 17th of September. The “Paulusfarm” was an ideal point of orientation for the pilots because its name was written in large letters on the roof. Paul van Overveld, then 15 years old, experienced it all, lost a friend and together with other locals helped the Americans in any way they could.

Follow the footsteps of the 101st Airborne Division heroes and relive the story that led to the liberation of the southern Netherlands at the Museum Wings of Liberation.

To see, do and experience

Museum Wings of Liberation (Museum Bevrijdende Vleugels)

Learn about this impressive operation and see unique airplanes, tracked vehicles, tanks, gliders and army jeeps. There is also a large collection of weapons such as anti-aircraft guns, canons and lots of ammunition. There are some unique exhibits such as a Dakota C-53, a Sherman tank, a T-34 tank from the Soviet army and a crashed glider (from the film Saving Private Ryan).

Guided tours

Book a two-hour guided tour. Your guide is an expert who will tell you everything about Operation Market Garden with pictures and film clips.

A ride in an army jeep

Ride in a historic army vehicle and visit the landing grounds at the ‘Paulusfarm’, which has a small museum about the gliders that landed there.

Special excursions

• Army Tour
A tour to the landing grounds and the Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Cole and Private Joe Mann monument.
• Battlefield tours
Tours to various interesting locations in other villages, where many battles took place and where paratroopers landed.

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