Camp Vught National Memorial

Because the hatred of Jews was increasing in Germany, George and Ursula Levy’s mother sent them to the Netherlands in the hope that they would be safe there. They ended up in Camp Vught where the SS put the fate of their carer Florence into the hands of the 13-year-old George. You can find out more about this story, and many others, at the Camp Vught National Memorial.

In 1943 Konzentrationslager Herzogenbusch was built in Vught - the only SS concentration camp outside Nazi Germany. The memorial centre tells of Camp Vught’s beginnings and the national-socialist system. In just 18 months, more than 32,000 people were kept prisoner, mostly because they were Jewish or because they worked for the resistance.

To see, do and experience

Audio tour (Available in NL, EN, FR, DE)

The audio tour is an unique experience because of the many personal stories from ex-prisoners. Descriptions of Camp Vught are alternated with quotes from ex-prisoners and fitting music that was composed in the camp by, for example, Louise van de Montel and Marius Flothuis who later became famous as an artist and a composer.

Guided tours

There are special tours with stories from prisoners who emigrated after the Second World War, such as George and Ursula Levy and Corrie ten Boom from the United States. There are also stories from France, Great Britain, Israel, Poland, and tours with German stories (about guards, collaboration, civilian evacuations) and/or the history of Canadian soldiers in Vught.

Camp barrack 1B

The last authentic camp barrack 1B.

Former execution site

Monument with the names of 329 executed male resistance fighters.

Special days or activities

4 May: Dutch National Remembrance Day
10 June: Commemoration of the children’s transports, 75 years ago in 2018.
From March 2018: New exhibition: The year of the resistance

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