NEW Safari Resort expands with new savannah and 120 holiday apartments

Beekse Bergen is expanding. This year, they are building a new savannah around which there will be 15 lodges. Each accommodation will have eight holiday apartments, providing a total of 120 new accommodation options. Each one will have giraffes, zebras and rhinoceros at the door. The first guests can check-in in the spring of 2023

Besides the accommodation, a new central building is being built, which will house various spaces including an a la carte restaurant and a buffet restaurant. Breakfast will also be served here. The new apartments are getting hotel service. So, if you would like, you can get a table in the morning or evening for a delicious breakfast or dinner. The architectural style of the apartments and the central building is based on the Dogon culture, a community which lives on the steep rock face of the 150-kilometre long Bandiagara Escarpment in Mali.

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