Vincent's Homeland

Segment 1 – Zundert & Etten Leur

  • Van Gogh Inn
    Begin the day with a cup of tea or coffee and a Van Gogh pastry.
  • Vincent van Gogh House
    Visit the Vincent van Gogh House to view the exhibition ‘Vincent van Gogh – master’s roots’ - an impressive exhibition in the birthplace of the famous painter.
  • Van Gogh walk
    Walk with a guide past the grave of Vincent’s brother and visit the famous church from Vincent’s collection.
  • Lunch at Restaurant de Zwaan (the Swan)
    In a characteristic 17th century stepped gable building you will enjoy original dishes surrounded by impressive paintings and a peculiar collection of bottles.
  • Van Gogh Church
    Become acquainted with a relatively unknown period in the life of Vincent van Gogh in the Van Gogh Church in Etten-Leur. In this church there is an animated projection of van Gogh’s timeline.

Segment 2 - Nuenen

  • Museum Vincentre
    Experience in the Vincentre how Vincent van Gogh lived and painted. By using the most modern audio-visual techniques, you can imagine yourself living at the time of Vincent.
  • Conducted tour of Van Gogh Village
    Walk with a guide through the ‘open air museum’ dedicated to this.
  • Three course Van Gogh dinner at the Watermolen (Watermill) in Opwetten
    Enjoy a delicious three course Van Gogh dinner. The Watermolen in Opwetten is a restaurant located in a picturesque and nostalgic spot.
    Guided bike tour over the Van Gogh-Roosgaarde bicycle path from Eindhoven/Nuenen Hotel
    The Van Gogh-Roosegaarde bicycle path based on The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh lies just outside Nuenen. Enjoy the unique experience of cycling yourself along this artistic cycling path.