‘Van Gogh’s Inner Circle’ Exhibition.

Friends, family and models in Het Noordbrabants Museum

From 21 September 2019 - 12 January 2020 Het Noordbrabants Museum showcases a unique Van Gogh exhibition. This exhibition will give a broad view on the people who played an important part in Van Gogh’s life and work. His complex relationships with family, friends and fellow artists, students and models from Brabant to the south of France were often strong and long-lasting, but sometimes ended in estrangement. The exhibition includes prominent pieces from the Netherlands and abroad, some of which have never been seen in this country before and never together in one exhibition. The exhibition combines portraits and other works by Van Gogh and his fellow artists, such as Gauguin and Signac. Drawings, letters, pictures and poetry give more insight to his relationships. A surprising new perspective on one of the world’s greatest artists.

The Noordbrabants Museum is the best place to discover the richness of Brabant art, culture and history. A wealth of knowledge and Brabant’s cultural heritage are preserved and are on display here, making education, artistic quality and emotion the main components of the presentations and activities.

Largest museum in the south
A modern extension to the Stedelijk (Municipal) Museum onto the building of the Noordbrabants Museum has created the Museum District: the largest museum in the south of the country. 

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