The New York Times is full of praise about Design Brabant

Brabant is the region which is giving Holland a new vibe. In addition to Van Gogh and a wide selection for the family market, it has every right to call itself the District of Dutch Design, with the city of Eindhoven as its epicentre. In this context we are also including parts of the international theme year 100 years of De Stijl; from Mondrian to Dutch Design. As part of this theme year the New York Times reported on the unique location of Strijp-S, a former industrial complex of the electronics producer Philips, and where products including televisions and light bulbs were once manufactured. The article described the top 5 locations worth visiting, with regard to unique places where Design and inspiration meet.

The top 5 according to the New York Times

  1. MU, where you can enjoy ground-breaking experimental art in the field of Design;
  2. Het Ketelhuis, (The Boiler Room) the centre of Strijp-S with a restaurant, bakery and regular live music;
  3. Urban Shopper, a unique and exclusive shopping experience where small-scale and innovative concepts come to life.
  4. Yksi, not just a design bureau but also a place with exhibitions, shops, workplaces and events. You can also produce your own unique carpet design.
  5. Brouwerij het Veem, a micro-brewery and beer cafe which in addition to producing its own beer, acts as a big stage for small regional breweries

Strijp-S, an inspiring space in the heart of Design Eindhoven. Discover it for yourself!

Read the complete article here.

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