Collaboration Europe Remembers – Brabant Remembers

The Crossroads Brabant ’40-‘45 Foundation as a partner of Liberation Route Europe is affiliated to the international Europe Remembers campaign. Because of this development it has been decided to join the campaign using the name Brabant Remembers – 75 personal life changing war stories.  

The Brabant Remembers  “75 personal life changing war stories” campaign tells authentic personal stories about the war in which life changing moments are a central theme. In this way the story brings over the message and reaches out to people. The stories are about ordinary people in extraordinary situations. They are stories that describe all perspectives of the Second World War and in which all war themes are covered, such as liberation, persecution , resistance, collaboration and much more. Brabant Remembers can use these stories to inspire a wide target group in which life changing moments from people in the past have a link with people of today. These stories offer coach operators and travel companies an inexhaustible source of opportunities to create a unique and distinctive range which will appeal to various target groups

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