Inspiring easy-to-book packages during Dutch Design Week and Glow

Brabant has plenty to offer all ages when it comes to Dutch Design! During the Mondrian to Dutch Design year the Brabant-wide programme offers visitors a unique glimpse into the Brabant design world: where design is conceived and where it is produced.

Appealing packages have been prepared especially for Dutch Design Week (21 – 29 Oct) and Glow Light Festival (11 – 19 Nov) in Eindhoven. The most attractive and interesting locations have been combined into these, and we hope to inspire travel organisations and coach companies to organise day trip or longer tours to Brabant using these short break packages. We’re on your wavelength and we’ll see how we can tailor the packages to your target group.

Let us know if you have any specific requirements! You can of course contact us for site inspections. As a tour organiser or travel agent you can experience for yourself what Brabant has to offer in the heart of the Lowlands.

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