Brabant celebrates food

2018: Brabant European Region of Gastronomy

Brabant is buzzing and bubbling, because we are the European Region of Gastronomy in 2018. And we’re going to celebrate, with innovative food concepts and an unusual pop-up restaurant with top chefs. With mouth-watering events at unusual and historic locations. And with Brabant hospitality.

VisitBrabant is putting food in the spotlight in 2018. With 18 Michelin-rated restaurants, a food sector among the top in Europe and a rich tradition as the makers and providers of delicious, genuine food, we have plenty to be proud of. And we want to share this with visitors from home and abroad. The various Brabant regions are working on an exciting and delicious programme for the general public. VisitBrabant is developing an international consumer campaign to tempt visitors from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to come and experience Brabant’s food in 2018. You’ll get a sneak preview of the campaign on the website. You’ll also find more information about the plans for 2018. And we will be including the food selection in our trade activities.

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