Eating & Sleeping

Good night, sleep tight

You won’t really experience Brabant until you have stayed here for a couple of days. Brabant has many opportunities for staying overnight.  From sleeping in a former monastery to waking up in the middle of the countryside, and from wonderfully comfortable hotels to modest budget accommodation. Cities such as Eindhoven, Breda, 's-Hertogenbosch and Tilburg have a large range of hotels, whether you opt for luxury, design or originality. The number of B&Bs is large and with high standards. If you prefer the countryside, there is ample choice in Brabant. In other words, you will find excellent accommodation with good facilities for the group market in Brabant, either in the centre of town or out in the countryside, but still close by. The competitive prices and the hospitable and laid-back character of Brabant turn every stay into a unique experience.

In total there are no fewer than 300 hotels, mostly 3 or 4 star accommodation with a total of 10,500 hotel rooms. Average room rates in Brabant are attractive and considerably lower than in Amsterdam or Brussels, for example.

  • 2300 hotel rooms ***
  • 5600 hotel rooms ****


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  • Beekse Bergen Safari Resort

  • De Ruwenberg

  • Historical buildings

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  • Bosrijk Efteling

  • Historic

  • Estate (Landgoed) Barendonk

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Recommended Heritage & Design hotels

Burgundian Brabant

There’s a good reason why Brabant is known for its burgundian lifestyle.  Brabant has numerous locations where large groups can sample regional dishes and specialities at an affordable price. The region is famous for its strawberries, asparagus and the locally brewed Trappist beer. La Trappe is the oldest Trappist beer brewed in the Netherlands. Local produce such as asparagus, strawberries and other types of fruit, cheese and meat can be bought at markets and direct from the farmers. You can see that the people of Brabant enjoy good eating by the rise of trendy food halls in in Eindhoven and 's-Hertogenbosch, definitely worth a visit if you’re in the neighbourhood. Something else not to miss are the food festivals in Brabant. Every week there will be an event somewhere where you can enjoy the most delicious dishes, often served from an original ‘food truck’. Bon appetit!

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