Canadian & British War Cemetery

The Battle of the Scheldt was one of the biggest military operations carried out during the Second World War. Canadian British and Polish troops under Canadian command, received orders to capture the Western Scheldt, the access point to Antwerp from the Germans. Most of the fallen in both cemeteries lost their lives during fierce battles in late 1944.

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Canadian & British War Cemetery

Bergen op Zoom has two military graveyards as reminders of our war history. Both cemeteries are located next to each other and are freely accessible between sunrise and sunset.
• British War Cemetery; with 1284 graves.
• Canadian War Cemetery; with 1119 graves.

Commemorative meetings

Bergen op Zoom was liberated from the Nazi regime on October 27th 1944. Every year the Battle of the Scheldt is commemorated. This is
organised by Bevrijdingsmuseum Zeeland (Liberation Museum Zeeland) and Foundation Brabantse Wal.

Canadian Remembrance Day 2018 and 2019: November 11th
British Remembrance Day 2018 and 2019: November 11th

War Museum Ossendrecht

This museum, which is housed in a former Catholic Military Home, is a private collection. All kinds of materials from the Second World War can be found here, with the Battle of the Scheldt as a special theme.

Audio columns

Listen to lifelike radio plays with liberation stories that took place at these locations during the war.


Liberation bicycle routes

Impressive bicycle routes will take you past various war and resistance memorials in Bergen op Zoom, Steenbergen and Woensdrecht, which saw a lot of action during the war.

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