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Brabant Remembers Tours & packages factsheets

We are proud to present the new Tours and packages brochures for (inter)national travel organisations. In the Trade brochures we combine Brabant Remembers locations and stories into interesting tours and travel packages  geared mainly for the American, Canadian and British markets.

The brochure will be widely distributed to oversees tour operators, coach companies, cultural associations, river cruise companies and the press at the WTM in London. We will try to get in contact with them so they can include our stories and locations in their travel portfolios. All the museums or remembrance locations in Brabant can be visited, giving a good impression of where these stories actually took place. In addition the most important events that will take place in 2019-2020 will be mentioned briefly.


If you have any questions, or if you would like to know more about the Brabant Remembers locations, partners, package deals and (group) rates, or if you would like to receive a custom quote, please do not hesitate to contact us:

T: +31 13 3030393
T: @brabanttrade


  • Travel360

    Brabant Remembers is collaborating with Travel360. This is a B2B information platform to which 6000 Belgian trade partners and 1500 Dutch Trade partners are subscribed.

  • Collaboration with Guidor

    Brabant Remembers has started collaboration with the Guidor guides association from Amsterdam.

    Collaboration with Guidor
  • Canadian & British war cemetery

    Crossroads Bergen op Zoom
  • Harry van Daal - War museum Overloon

  • Generaal Maczek - Maczek museum Breda

  • George and Ursula Levy - Camp Vught National Memorial

    Crossroads Kamp Vught
  • Hans Noach - City of Eindhoven

    Crossroads Eindhoven
  • Paul van Overveld - Wings of Liberation museum

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